Questions & Answers

Q: I'm unsure about which course I need - what should I do?
A: I’m always happy to chat with you and guide you regarding your training needs or concerns. Once we’ve discussed your team’s learning gaps, issues which concern you, and any areas you may be having problems with, I can then tailor your course to suit you. After speaking with us, you may decide that there are two key areas (or more!) that you’d like me to cover, so I could design your training day to incorporate both areas, or you may decide that you’d prefer to spend a full day unpacking and exploring each areas – the choice is entirely yours! And just to remind you, all courses are underpinned by the EYFS and the content is research-based according to government guidelines, policies and procedures
Q: Where are your courses held?
A: I would normally travel to your setting or a nearby venue of your choice, making it more convenient and accessible for your team. I also deliver open courses / workshops at venues in and around Central London and North-West Kent, depending on demand.
Q: I run a small nursery and only have five staff. Training Designs sounds like just what I need, but we've got to keep an eye on budgets - how much is it for a training day?
A: To get an accurate quote, go to the Home Page, click on the type of training you’re interested in (e.g. Early Years-specific), and then type in and submit your details to me. I’ll then call you and give you all of the information you need and answer all of your questions.
Q: So, who delivers your training?
A: I do. As well as training, coaching and mentoring in the area of Early Years training, I also several years’ experience in a wide range of areas including Lecturing at University and College Level in Childcare, Health and Social care, as well as qualifications in Nursing, Health Visiting, Midwifery, Teaching and Coaching.