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Please click on the link which will give you a list of just some of my courses.

However, if you do not see what you need, please contact me so I can write the ‘perfect’ course to meet your needs.

Courses can also be ‘mixed and matched’, so, for example, you may require Communicating with Confidence Using Coaching and NLP to build a more confident team in one day – just let me know and I’ll design the course to suit you!

Just some of the training courses I can deliver at your setting!

• Definition of Communication • How to promote effective communication • ‘Saying what you need to say, clearly and effectively’ • Communication with the Team / Parents / Children
• What is meant by Leadership • Types of Leadership • Getting your message across using effective communication skills • Skills of Leadership / Strategies / Problem Solving and Decision Making
• Definition of Coaching, Supervision and Mentoring • How to utilize each of these in practice for improved performance of your team • Links to safeguarding and welfare requirements of the EYFS
How to be more aware of your emotions • Strategies on how to cope with your own emotions and behaviour • Dealing effectively with the behaviour of others (children; team; parents; other professionals) • Simple relaxation techniques explored
What is meant by Coaching • What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) • Learn the basic coaching model to use both at work and in your personal life • Links to the EYFS framework
An interactive course with a wide range of activities, group work, case studies, scenarios and quizzes to encourage your team to work together more cohesively and effectively, with a focus on:- • Communication skills • Empathy • Working with others • Decision Making
Dealing with difficult situations • Working with different personalities in the Team • Working with challenging behaviour from adults (in the team; parents; other professionals) • How to negotiate and avoid conflict • Assertive communication

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What Clients Say

Over the many years that I have worked with Yvonne, I have found her approach to be extremely professional and engaging. She is clearly passionate about Learning and Development and the benefits this can bring to individuals, and her enthusiasm has been infectious. Whatever the subject matter of an actual training course, Yvonne brings a wealth of background skills and knowledge with her, which add credibility to scenarios – she is truly able to put herself in the customers’ shoes. Yvonne has been very flexible and able to deliver bespoke pieces of work, meeting with key stakeholders to determine content and style of a training intervention, and has been most amenable to changes in the service requested. The feedback from delegates has been consistently high, and Yvonne takes great care to feedback any issues arising from training courses in a sensitive manner, appreciating the need to balance confidentiality with opportunities to improve business processes. I would definitely recommend anyone who is exploring options for a quality training intervention to pick up the phone and discuss their needs with Yvonne!
Tamsin Hodgkinson, Learning & Development Consultant

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